50/50 Raffle

The Monsters Community Fund, a fund of the Cleveland Foundation, has teamed up with local non-profit organizations throughout the Northeast Ohio community to assist with their fundraising efforts. The 50/50 Raffle fundraising program allows participating non-profit organizations with the opportunity to raise funds at Monsters home games through the sale of raffle tickets.

The 50/50 Raffle will be held at all Monsters home games throughout the season. Fans can purchase their tickets from the time doors open until the beginning of the second period from any of the volunteers on the concourse or at the kiosks located on the main concourse. The winning ticket number will be announced during the third period of the game and posted below. The 50/50 winner will receive 50% of the total net sales, and the remaining 50% will be split between the Monsters Community Fund and that night’s participating charity.

Bring Your Group

Be a part of the Monsters hockey experience! The Monsters new 50/50 Raffle is now available for any non-profit groups interested in raising funds and awareness for their cause! A portion of the 50/50 Raffle grand prize will benefit your group along with the Monsters Community Fund. Volunteers will operate digital handheld devices along with concourse kiosks to sell as many tickets to the fans at The Q as they can!

Additional Benefits

  • Groups logo and cause will be highlighted on the Q-tube throughout the game
  • Volunteers will receive a full training session on how to operate the handheld and kiosk devices from our 50/50 Raffle experts
  • Discounted tickets are provided to add an additional fundraising option prior to the game night experience

Official Rules

Date Game 50/50 Raffle Amount Winning Number
10/05/2018 Monsters vs IceHogs $1,152 2086109034
10/06/2018 Monsters vs IceHogs $424 2047754010
10/11/2018 Monsters vs Penguins $1,059 1698055006
10/13/2018 Monsters vs Penguins $1,247 1474738002
11/02/2018 Monsters vs Marlies $2,197.50 1305752037
11/04/2018 Monsters vs Griffins $1,105 17758200001
11/09/2018 Monsters vs Rocket $1,488 1602954022
11/10/2018 Monsters vs Rocket $2,796 1600273013
11/23/2018 Monsters vs Marlies $1,280 1820284004
11/28/2018 Monsters vs Marlies $568 1348022030
11/30/2018 Monsters vs Crunch $1,939 1320982025
12/01/2018 Monsters vs Crunch $1,115 1186436008
12/15/2018 Monsters vs Americans $1,371 1416510033
12/21/2018 Monsters vs Senators $943 1140397014
12/22/2018 Monsters vs Senators $1,566 1827500011
12/26/2018 Monsters vs Americans $1,482 2073213023
12/28/2018 Monsters vs Griffins $2,194 1744557016
01/05/2019 Monsters vs Comets $1,871 2009738004
01/06/2019 Monsters vs Comets $1,235 1102665016
01/23/2019 Monsters vs Marlies
01/24/2019 Monsters vs Wolves
01/26/2019 Monsters vs Wolves
02/09/2019 Monsters vs Devils
02/10/2019 Monsters vs Devils
02/12/2019 Monsters vs Americans
02/22/2019 Monsters vs Admirals
02/24/2019 Monsters vs Admirals
02/28/2019 Monsters vs Rocket
03/01/2019 Monsters vs Rocket
03/07/2019 Monsters vs Senators
03/08/2019 Monsters vs Senators
03/23/2019 Monsters vs Bears
03/24/2019 Monsters vs Bears
03/29/2019 Monsters vs Phantoms
03/30/2019 Monsters vs Phantoms
04/08/2019 Monsters vs Americans
04/11/2019 Monsters vs Checkers
04/12/2019 Monsters vs Checkers